Tricks to trade show marketing structures

trade show marketing structurestrade show marketing structures
trade show marketing structurestrade show marketing structures


Tricks to trade show marketing structures

Trade shows are still around, going strong and starting to push the limits of face-to-face marketing. Entering into an exhibition, you need to be prepared for the competition and structure standards that visitors are expecting and, better yet, not expecting. When having your stand designed, do your best to make it different and unconventional.



It’s all fine and well to have a beautiful trade show stand and your best representative standing there waiting to tell visitors all about your latest products… but is it enough? Have you considered adding interactive walls into your stand? Well, you should.

Anyone can see what you offer instore or online, they didn’t pay to see that translated into a pretty stand. They’re looking for a brand experience and interaction. Install an interactive wall into your stand with something that reiterates your brand and product. Integrating a video wall controller system that can be operated in an interactive manner, places the control in the hands of the visitor and, let’s be honest, everyone enjoys having a little bit of power. Other interactive wall ideas include motion projections, sensory experiences and optical illusions. The idea is to get people involved with elements that relate to your brand in a hands-on way.

Have seating areas and giveaways to draw people in and keep them there. Think about having a featured wall that is photo-op worthy and draws people in for a selfie.


Social media

Make the most of live streaming platforms during your trade show experience and draw visitors to your stand. Tell a story where the journey ends at your exhibition stand and encourage visitors to get involved. Using social media is also a great way to keep everyone connected, those who have attended and those who are stuck wishing that they could.

Have scannable elements on and around your stand and encourage attendees to interact and play a game of some sort that can educate them about your brand as well as give them something more to do other than stand and gawk.

Remember that photo-op worthy wall? Create a hashtag, put it on the wall and encourage visitors to use it in their posts. You could even invest in a designated photographer to take photos of them and send them to your social media pages to find the pictures (a great marketing technique).   


Charging stations

Be the stand that provides a charging station. Everyone will be looking for one between influencers documenting their attendance on social media and suppliers contacting their associates with new product options on display. Glorify your charging station so everyone can see it and prepare for some serious foot traffic.

This is the perfect time to socialise and create brand awareness, while they’re waiting for their devices to charge. Make sure you have more to offer than some kind, yet, rehearsed words and get them involved in your exhibition stand (interaction, remember).



The world is going digital and so should your stand. Shed a bit of light on your stand and use LED lights to add a glow or make your signage stand out. TV units with information and promotional DVDs and even virtual reality headsets are just a few ways to digitalise your trade show experience.

Make the most of mobile technologies and location by having messages sent to visitors’ phones when they get closer to your stand or create an app to interact with your marketing structure with some type of reward for those at the exhibit.


Now, market

You have the stand, the latest product features on display, interactive points of engagement and a social media following of the event. Put your best people in there and have business cards on hand. The purpose of a trade show is to build brand awareness, break preconceptions people may have of your business, monitor competition (and be monitored by them too) and, mainly, to establish relationships with current clients and potential clients.


Trade shows are important for your business and you need to take the time and save the money to do it right and reap the benefits. As traditional and “fixed” as a trade show may be, the rules are changing and it's important that you stay up to date with the trends to make the most of it. People want a show, so give them one. Business doesn’t have to be boring.


trade show marketing structures