Wow your audience with large-scale video wall displays

video wall displaysvideo wall displays
video wall displaysvideo wall displays


Wow your audience with large-scale video wall displays

There is no denying that big screens have become the focal point of many business and public environments. From tradeshows to conferencing, educational institutes, hotel and resort lobbies and retail stores, video walls are becoming a big trend. Content always looks better on a big screen.

More companies are looking for ways to better engage with their employees and their audiences, hence the introduction of video wall displays. These ‘walls’ can be recognised in the form of cubes or flat-panel displays, and are perfect for personalised marketing content, be it brand, product or service related.

Where is video wall technology headed

To give you some insight on how it works; a video wall is a specialised, multi-display configuration which uses multiple screens (either tied together or one large individual screen) to showcase moving imagery or video content. This innovative pull mechanism can also make for a powerful marketing or audio-visual tool, and can display real-time data for targeted marketing. It can also be configured to interact with smartphones and tablets for a highly interactive customer experience.

Much like every kind of marketing medium, the size and quality of the screen is very important. This kind of investment should not only be used to display high-quality content that looks appealing to your viewers, but it needs to be built to withstand long-term use and constant handling.

When you get the desired results from your promotions, be it indoor or outdoor, the expenditure is worth the return on investment. Knowing the benefits that large-scale video walls can have on your business, the more you use it, the easier it will become to make it more effective and unique.


What to consider when investing in a video wall

Before installing any sort of video wall, engage with an expert who can help tailor a customised, cost-effective setup to meet your interactive or static content requirements. All factors, like your business needs, the size of the required display area; the total cost to purchase; installation, operating cost and the actual video wall controller, need to be considered. You will also need to determine the use for this wall.

If you are unfamiliar with the different types of uses, here are a few ideas that will draw your customers in:  

  • Big screen visuals

It’s really no surprise that people prefer watching something more than listening or reading it. And, with the constant change in technology and digital innovation, businesses have taken big steps in order to maximise the marketing potential that full-screen visuals have on better brand communication.

Large-scale video wall displays with good quality imagery impress viewers, and make an impact beyond the size of a single standing promotion or electronic display. Some organisations even incorporate live TV onto their video walls to help convey a better brand image.

  • Data display

Especially in travel, transport and financial organisations, displaying charts of data is a great way to engage viewers. Take airports for example, where the flight times and delays are constantly displayed on video wall displays for everyone to see. These charts add value because they are able to show large amounts of information that needs to be visible to many people at the same time.

  • Multiple screen displays

In retail stores, they often tend to display multiple adverts with different content on each. This can also benefit corporate environments where they display a variety of different signs and presentations at the same time. Multiple screens also mean that content displayed can be changed from mobile devices.

  • Interactivity

With virtual reality being such a major trend, it is very appealing to use video wall displays to help audiences interact with their surroundings. It also makes things a lot more fun and engaging. For further excitement, try embedding touchpoints into the signage content to help take your wall from flat to immersive simply by means of incorporating moving visuals and video content into your display.

If you add in the touch elements, you can only imagine how fun it will be for your viewers to engage by browsing through maps, searching for data or even playing games. The good news is that video walls are beneficial to any company, no matter the industry you’re in. If you want to make a long-lasting impression on your customers and even clients, you need to be up-to-date with the latest technological activations.

  • Social media communication

A company’s online presence links to social media. It’s also a great way to personalise your company tone and show the public a fun or informative side to your business. If you want to bring any important presentation content or brand messaging to light, showing your social content via social media boards, all at once, will allow viewers to see posts from the site of their choice.


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