These are what all the best offices have

office spaceoffice space
office spaceoffice space


These are what all the best offices have

Nobody, employers included, wants to work in a plain-old office. Plain-old meaning monochrome, quiet, closed-off and boring. That kind of office environment doesn’t encourage innovation, communication or fun at work. If you’re an employee who actually loves your job, but can’t deal with the office, that’s an extremely unfortunate situation to be in and you should really do something about it.

Do some research and come up with a proposal on what you think would make the office environment a happier and more productive one. Here are a few ideas to take up with the boss and finance committee.


Brainstorming room

If your company is in the marketing, digital, technological, creative, architectural or engineering industry, as well as any other industry in this world, you really need a brainstorming room.

It’s not a converted meeting room and should never double as a meeting room. It is a brainstorming room for teams to come together to innovate and share ideas. This is where problems are discussed and new solutions are created. Separate from the rest of the office and slightly different in décor to give the illusion of being away from the usual feelings of being in the office.


Lunch area

Everyone in the company is a team, whether they directly work together or not. And it’s important for there to be an opportunity for everyone to spend some time together during the day. Relying on coffee and smoke-break bump-ins is not inclusive or substantial enough.

If you want to interact more with your colleagues then what better way than over lunch? All it takes are some tables and chairs far enough away from the desks to make it feel like an actual break from work.


Meeting room

As previously mentioned, the brainstorming room is not a meeting room. Therefore, your office needs a meeting room. Preferably one that is suitable to hold board meetings and video conferences as well as interviews.

Technology needs to be present and up-to-date, the doors should be glass to keep it an “open” environment and it shouldn’t still speak to your company culture. If you work for an “out there” or casual company, then having a plain white meeting room with simple furniture won’t really make sense, especially if your main office areas are colourful and loud in décor.

It might be the more professional and formal area with regards to the conversations and transactions that occur there, but it’s still part of your company culture, so keep it that way.


Outdoor space

If you are fortunate enough to have access to an outdoor space from your office building – whether it’s a patio or balcony – make the most of it. Don’t let it become a “smokers corner” or “personal calls” area only. Turn it into a place for everyone in the company to enjoy by putting a table-tennis table outside or a bench for those beautiful summer and spring days. It could even make for the perfect lunch area if it’s large and protected enough.

Let it be a breather-area for the everyone to step outside for some fresh air and fresh ideas before they head back inside to get back to work.


CCTV rooms

With all these different areas and rooms, it would be a smart idea to have a CCTV room to be able to monitor everything that goes on around the office. People should still be doing their jobs despite the extra bit of freedom that comes with each area.

But, more than that, CCTV rooms provide that extra layer of security for everyone who is working in the building. And knowing that your environment has security measures puts you at ease and your work quality and quantity is also better.


Something to look at

All the best offices, these days, have something to look at. Whether it’s pieces of art, inspirational quotes, a large wall clock, a progress board, a TV screen that displays company performance statistics, a brightly coloured feature wall, or even a couple plants.

Anything with the ability to turn employee’s heads away from their computer screens for a few moments to decrease the chance of burnout. Even by using different materials and textures around the office through furniture and surfaces can provide this small bit of (generally subconscious) relief to give the mind a breather.


A place to express

And last, but not least, if you want to have an amazing office environment, you need to have a place to express yourself. A whiteboard, chalkboard, employee-experience book or some kind of company post-it sculpture project. A place to write or draw and get frustrations out of the mind to make space for more work-related tasks.


In case you haven’t quite caught on, most of these attributes contribute to mental relaxation and decreasing stress in the office. The end result will be a more productive team of employees. And how could any employer say no to that?

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