Why you should consider a career in project management

project managementproject management
project managementproject management

Why you should consider a career in project management

Project management (PM) is a rewarding, always-in-demand career, depending on the industry you choose.

As the name suggests, a project manager handles a particular client or business project. The most common tasks performed include planning, organising, controlling, leading and the managing of staff and resource. They’re required to strategise around the objectives and goals of a particular project, evaluate and understand the project’s requirements, analyse and gather the correct skills to execute the plan and monitor the entire project to ensure it meets deadlines and gets delivered according to schedule.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a career in project management:


It’s a demanding, high-paying job

Since experienced project managers are required to take on massive client projects and budgets, a lot of responsibility falls on their shoulders. Having said that, these specialised positions are some of the highest paid jobs in their respective industries. For example, IT and construction are two of the most technical industries, where managers need to handle large budgets for their clients. In order to deliver a measurable outcome, you’re responsible for everything; from skills to resource, money and more.


There will always be work available

Much like every industry, being a project manager doesn’t necessarily mean you’re able to do any PM job. This means that if you gain experience in creative agencies, your knowledge of construction project management is non-existent. However, since the foundation of a project management course is the same for every industry, you can rest assured knowing that there will always be positions available. Even if you need to start from the bottom and learn new languages and jargon for each.


You will experience job satisfaction

Choosing your desired career path requires careful consideration because it is something you’ll be committing to for years to come. With so many job opportunities and industries to explore, you would want to pair your experience with a position that interests you and brings you joy. If you are someone who thrives on communication and leadership, you will make a good project manager.

This type of career is outcome driven, so you will need to push your team hard to reach their goals and deadlines. It’s extremely taxing at times when you have to rely on others, but once you get the knack of things and communicate clearly with your team and client/s on what needs to be achieved, you will find lots of reward and satisfaction in project management planning.


You can get the recognition you deserve

While project management is a team effort, it is also all about you. You are the person who puts together the strategy on how something is going to roll out. And, it’s your responsibility to plan accordingly to ensure a positive outcome. Some projects you touch on might transform the company for the better, and having that effect on people and the company at large gives you the recognition you deserve. Since the type of position is goal-based, you will receive plenty of praise when everything goes according to plan.


You’ll be able to work with amazing people

Since project management is a client-facing position, you will meet plenty of outside people who will inspire your journey through life. You will also be working with a close-knit team of skilled individuals who will teach you about their trade. All of these connections will help you to make better decisions in the workplace and help you to grow in your position. If you enjoy meeting new people, communicating and making an impact, this type of career path will be ideal for you. Not only will these people teach you about the industry, but you will develop marketable skills for yourself. For example, decision-making, leadership, problem-solving, management and teamwork skills. This will always be a valuable skill set to have.


Final words

Although this is a career path which will always have positions available, you cannot simply just apply without the right qualification and experience. You’ll need to be trained in developing the right skills for this position. While some of the skills might come naturally, others will require more practice.

With technology changing in the blink of an eye, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to execute projects. Especially when they’re technical. So, one cannot just assume they’re able to do the job without the correct training. Make sure you enrol yourself in a project management course with a reputable tertiary education institute that can help you achieve what you need to make it in the ‘big’ world.

It’s going to take time and effort to get your feet off of the ground in the beginning, but once you land your first job and start practising what you learned at college or university, you’ll be able to show others just how much value you can add. Soon you’ll reap the benefits of this wonderful career opportunity.

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