How a conference can help to boost your business



How a conference can help to boost your business

If you are struggling to boost your business, whether it be in sales, marketing or in client relations, a conference can work wonders to remedy these issues. Organising an event like a conference takes time, effort and hours of planning, especially keeping everyone happy with catering. Offering your guests a plate of delectable easy Bar One cupcakes is sure to do the trick. A conference can work wonders for boosting your business, as outlined below.


It can build brand awareness

Any B2B business owner knows that building brand awareness is vital to keeping their commerce flowing, especially if you are a smaller business. You can create brand awareness with online marketing, by printing out flyers and posters to advertise your services, or you could host a well-run, high-profile event focusing on your industry and how you contribute to it.

An effective B2B conference does not have to be dull and dreary, in fact, it should be engaging and exciting, especially if you want to get your brand out there. You can spice things up with unique catering options, for example,  using  a Bar One cake with your logo on it or you could have interactive social media boards where people live Tweet or post Instagram stories of the event as it is happening. These are exciting and cost-effective ways to boost brand awareness at your conference.


Build long-lasting relationships

Any face-to-face event or conference can help to foster and build client relationships, and this is especially true in the B2B community. A conference will allow you to interact with clients on a personal level, building trust for your brand for potential clients, and strengthening the relationships with current clients.

You will be able to meet new competitors in your industry and create solid contacts, allowing you to build your network of suppliers and service providers. By hosting a face-to-face conference, you will show your clients that you care about them, especially if you encourage feedback sessions during the event. These solid relationships with clients and service providers will help to grow your business to new and promising heights.


You can beat your competition

While the B2B world is one that fosters relationships rather than competition, it is important that you come out ahead in your industry. If your competitors are not hosting successful events, your conference will give you the edge over others in your industry.

A small business can especially benefit from a conference, no matter how big, as it will show your innovation and it will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to getting the attention of clients. A conference that is focused on how you will contribute to your clients is especially effective, as it will show them why you are ahead of the competition as well as highlight your positive attributes as a B2B business.


You will gain constructive, instant feedback

Sending out surveys to your clients or asking them to take a Facebook poll are effective digital ways to gain feedback, but they can take time to complete and not everyone will opt to fill them in. A face-to-face conference allows you to interact with your clients, which means that you will also gain important, instant feedback.

A well-planned conference will include some question-and-answer sessions, which are highly helpful to businesses who are looking to improve their customer service and customer experience strategies. You could set up a live poll as part of the interactive experience, which will deliver instant results rather than having to wait days or weeks for answers to trickle in. You could also have one-on-one sessions with important clients at the conference to gain useful insights into their opinions.


You will position yourself as an expert

Being a thought-leader is highly beneficial to B2B businesses, no matter how big or small they are. Hosting a conference that focuses on a topic that you are an expert in or having an event that shows off your skills as a company will place you as thought leaders in your industry.

Positioning yourself as an expert in any field will build trust with your clients, allowing you to be steps ahead of the competition. They will turn to you for products and services. A conference should be an event where you are the focal point but where you also allow for opinions to be shared, which is the mark of a true thought leader.


Final words

Hosting a conference is not easy, but with a little planning and some delicious treats for guests to eat (Bar One cake anyone?), you will have a successful event. As a B2B business, a conference can help to position you as an industry expert, as well as enable you to garner important customer feedback. You will also build brand awareness and build strong relationships with both clients and service providers.