Top tips for planning the perfect out-of-town conference

out-of-town conferenceout-of-town conference
out-of-town conferenceout-of-town conference


Top tips for planning the perfect out-of-town conference

Conferences are tricky to plan at the best of times. You will likely have to spend hours planning the perfect menu and the right entertainment for guests. And this is all amplified if you are going to be having the event out-of-town at a special venue.

If you have booked one of the stylish conference rooms in Kathu, you are in luck as the decor is stunning and will not need to be changed. However, there is more to a successful conference than just the decor. Read on below for some top tips on how to plan the perfect out-of-town conference.


Start by doing some research

If you do not live or work in the area, you will be in the dark about the venue and vendor choices of the town where the conference is taking place. This means that you will need to do some research before you make any venue, decor and vendor choices.

Because a conference is vastly different to a wedding, the same online information and searches will not be very helpful. You will need to look specifically for conference rooms in Kathu or in other areas you are interested in to get the most accurate rates and packages. Be sure to look at more than one option as you will be unfamiliar with the area and will need as much information as possible.


Local or out-of-town vendors?

Once you have done your research on the area, you will need to decide on whether or not you will be using vendors who are local to the town or those who you know and trust in your own area. Vendors from your own area will likely charge higher rates for transport but you will be getting the service you know and prefer.

By using local vendors, you will be supporting the town and they will most likely have intimate knowledge of the venue. For example, they will know how many outlets there are in the hall for projectors and laptops as well as what the guest capacity is of the dining room. This knowledge can be extremely useful when planning an out-of-town conference, but you will also need to be comfortable with the local vendor’s prices and services before deciding.


Prepare a budget

One of the most important steps in planning any conference, but especially an out-of-town one, is to draw up a budget. Your budget will need to include elements such as the conference venue, vendor fees, catering, transport, speakers’ fees and marketing.

With a conference happening in a venue outside of your hometown, you will need to include other elements such as accommodation for guests, activities for the days that there are no speakers at the conference and meals for the duration. You might also have to organise transport for those guests who are unable to drive to the venue themselves. Preparing a budget beforehand is highly important as it can be a deciding factor in which venue you choose.


Organise travel and lodging

You will likely be using some in-house staff to help make the conference a success, which means they should arrive at the conference rooms in Kathu on time and ahead of the guests. You will need to organise rooms and transport for them.

If you need to fly to the event, be sure to book affordable flights for your staff and ensure that they are booked into a comfortable room that is close to the conference venue. If your staff will be driving to the event, organise carpools to save everyone money and time. Ensure that everyone contributes to petrol and that a route is decided on at least a week in advance. Book hotel rooms well in advance so there is no headache of having no rooms left for your staff.


Send out detailed directions

Some guests might fly to the conference venue but others might decide that driving is a better option. For both types of guests, provide detailed directions to the venue so that nobody becomes lost or arrives late due to choosing the longer route.

Include at least two different routes on the invitations so that there are options for people coming from different directions. Alternatively, include routes from the major city centres to the conference venue. This way people can map out their drive and arrive on time. While those who fly might make use of ride-sharing apps that use GPS for directions, it is always best to provide your own directions should these drivers become lost in unfamiliar territory.


Always be prepared

An out-of-town conference can take a lot of effort. You need to have detailed lists and a well laid-out budget in order to succeed. Decide on whether or not you will be using vendors you are familiar with or those who live and work in the town the conference is being hosted in. Once you send out detailed invitations, you will soon see guests arriving in happy and excited droves. 

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