Healthy late-night snacks for a New Year’s party

late-night snackslate-night snacks
late-night snackslate-night snacks


Healthy late-night snacks for a New Year’s party

When we ring in the new year, we often stay up late at parties. And while this might be fun and exciting for an event, guests will likely need something to snack on in order to sustain themselves after a night of fun and festivity. Choosing to offer something healthy is the best option, but it can be difficult to know what snacks to create.

One thing is for certain though, you will need to offer coffee such as Nescafé Alegria and coffee creamer such as Cremora to give that energy boost that everyone will need from a fresh cup of great coffee. You could choose to offer vegetable crudites with unique dips like beetroot or roasted carrot hummus or you could make something a little more substantial such as flour-free mini quiches. Below are some ideas for healthy late-night snacks to help your guests ring in the new year.


Asparagus and spinach wrapped in prosciutto

If you want to offer something absolutely moreish but ridiculously simple, combining asparagus, spinach and prosciutto is the ultimate choice. The combination of the salty, smoky meat and the crisp greens will create a taste sensation like no other.

Start by seasoning the greens with some salt, pepper and a pinch of Parmigiano cheese. Then toss them into a light vinaigrette made from olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice. Lay a slice or two of prosciutto on your work table and place the greens at one end, then roll the meat up tightly. Continue until all of the meat has been used. You can also use Parma ham if you cannot find prosciutto.


Crunchy crudites with dreamy carrot dip

Now, you might not think that carrots can be made into a delicious dip for crudites, but you would be wrong. You can combine carrots with goat’s cheese, cumin and coriander for a deliciously smooth dip that you can combine with crunchy vegetables or even some whole wheat nachos.

You can create this unique dip by cooking the carrots until they are soft, then letting them cool before blending together with goat’s cheese, coriander, cumin, salt, and pepper. If you cannot find goat’s cheese, some plain cottage cheese or cream cheese will work just as well. Chop up some fresh, raw veggies and let your guests crunch away to their heart’s content. Be sure to choose quality ingredients for the perfect bite each time.


Roast garlic tomato tapas

Tapas are becoming a huge hit in foodie circles, and you can serve them to your guests for a truly delicious treat. And there is no more classic combination than garlic and tomato, so why not kick it up a notch and roast them together with some basil or thyme? It is a simple but oh-so-tasty snack.

All you need to do is cut a punnet or two of baby rosa tomatoes and place them cut-side up in a pre-heated oven. Drizzle some olive oil over the top and place sprigs of thyme or basil leaves and garlic on top of and in between the tomatoes. Roast them for 30 to 45 minutes and let them cool slightly before serving. You can place these garlicky delights on top of crusty bread for a take on bruschetta or blend them to create a luscious dipping sauce.


Pop it like it’s hot

If you want a truly easy and healthy snack for a time-crunch situation, look no further than a simple bowl of popcorn. But, because this is a party, you can elevate it by adding some herbs and spices. Be sure to pop fresh popcorn kernels instead of using the microwave variety to keep it healthy and easy to customise.

Pop your popcorn as you usually would. Now comes the fun. For those who enjoy savoury and herby flavours, toss the popcorn with slightly melted butter, Parmesan cheese, rosemary, salt, and pepper. If some of your guests have a sweet tooth, you can use brown sugar, cinnamon and dark chocolate chips for a quirky snacking option. Another option is to set up a topping station so guests can create their own personal combinations.


Zest coriander pesto bruschetta

Bruschetta is a popular party snack, and for good reason. Crusty toasted bread topped with deliciously healthy toppings makes for a great late-night snack. And with this coriander pesto version, your guests will be snapping these up like hotcakes.

In a blender, combine two cups of coriander, a ¼ cup of mint leaves, a ¼ cup of salted peanuts or pine nuts, one Jalapeno, a squeeze of lime juice and half a teaspoon of grated ginger. Once this has been blended until smooth, you are ready to spread it onto some toasted brown or rye bread bruschetta. You can top this with some fresh baby tomatoes, chopped cucumber and slivers of Buffalo mozzarella.


Keep the party going

Once you have made a selection of these healthy but delicious snacks, remember to bring out the coffee creamer, coffee, hot chocolate, Irish cream liqueur and other accoutrements. Your guests will need that caffeine kick to help them party until the new year, and it will go perfectly with most of your snacks. Don’t forget to provide some cooling lemon or cucumber water for guests to sip on if they need to be refreshed and revitalised.

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