How to set up a coffee station for a conference

coffee stationcoffee station
coffee stationcoffee station


How to set up a coffee station for a conference

Hosting a conference can be tricky. You have to ensure that everyone is able to take part in the events, that the entertainment is suitable for the event and that the food is delicious and meets all dietary needs. Another important aspect of a conference is the drinks that you serve. And if you want to make it one to remember, you should set up a coffee station.

The reason why coffee stations serving drinks such as Nescafé Espresso, Nescafé pods, and Nescafé Ricoffy are so popular is because almost everyone loves coffee. And at a business event, coffee is always a necessity. If you would like to introduce some quirkiness to your next conference, read on below for tips on setting up a coffee station for a conference.


Set up the right space

The first step you will need to take is to set up a space for your coffee station. Now, this should not be a speedy decision, but one that is carefully considered based on the layout of the conference dining room and the flow of the space.

The coffee table should be placed far from where people will be eating to avoid confusion with who is queueing for what. You should set up your coffee station close to the entrance of the dining hall so that people can start pouring coffee for themselves as soon as an event is over.


Choose creative coffee options

Once you have decided where to place your coffee station, you will need to look at the different coffee beans and instant options that you can serve to the coffee connoisseurs. For example, you could offer options such as Nescafé sachets for those who want to make their own coffee and Nescafé Decaf or Espresso options.

Be sure to source your beans and grounds from a professional provider, as they will keep them sealed and cool, meaning that they will stay fresher for longer and provide a unique, fresh, percolated taste. If you can, ask for a tasting session of all the different beans and grounds so that you can decide on which ones will best suit the taste buds of your guests and provide a rich, intense taste experience.


Only make as it is needed

Having stale, bitter coffee is nobody’s cup of tea. This means that you should only brew as much coffee as needed, otherwise, the rest will become cold and tasteless very quickly. Instead, you should brew several pots as needed instead of one big batch that will be left to sit.

Remember to transfer this freshly brewed coffee to a carafe that is preheated and can be heat-sealed. This will ensure that the coffee is hot, fresh and full-flavoured every time you pour a cup. If you will be offering instant espresso, be sure that your urn is refilled with fresh water every 30 to 45 minutes, so that the drink does not taste of old or burnt water.


Include all the accessories

Here comes the fun bit of setting up a coffee station: the accessories. All coffee lovers enjoy adding a bit of flair to their drinks, whether it be in the form of frothy milk or some pretty latte art to enjoy while they sip away.

You will need to provide a plethora of accessories and add-ons to your coffee station which should include other drink ingredients. For example, you can include a creamer option (flavoured creamers are very popular), a jug of milk or heavy cream, sugar (brown, white and aspartame-free sweeteners),  and cinnamon and cocoa to sprinkle on top of both brewed and instant coffee. Your guests will have fun creating the ultimate coffee drink while they chat about the events of the conference and network. 


Use recyclable cups and stirring sticks

One of the most important aspects of setting up a coffee station is to go green. This way, you will not be adding to pollution and your guests will appreciate the gesture. Look for cups made from recyclable materials, and offer bamboo stirring sticks which can easily be recycled or reused in a responsible manner.

You can make the cups and lids look attractive by choosing to brand them in the event colours or by placing the company logo on the front of the cups. Be sure to choose sturdy options that will not become too hot to hold when coffee is poured into them. You can also offer bamboo or paper straws for any iced coffees, but be sure to remind guests to put them in the recycling bin once finished with their drinks.


Customise it

Creating a coffee station can be fun, especially if you choose to customise it. Start by adding your own branding to the cups and lids, or allow the host company to brand these. You can make the table pop by covering it in a bright tablecloth and using pretty containers for the various beans and grounds you have on offer. Soon your guests will be enjoying their daily grind with smiles on their faces.

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