Unique conference destinations in the Northern Cape

conference destinations - Northern Capeconference destinations - Northern Cape
conference destinations - Northern Capeconference destinations - Northern Cape


Unique conference destinations in the Northern Cape

Arranging a conference can be difficult. You have to ensure that all the vendors arrive on time, that there is plenty of food for the delegates and that there are activities to keep them entertained for the duration of the conference. Added to this, you have to choose a venue that is both comfortable and luxurious enough for your guests. If you will be hosting it in the area, you can look at the accommodation in Kathu in the Northern Cape. Kathu is the iron ore capital of the Northern Cape, but this does not mean it is not a stunning place for a conference.

You can book at the guest houses in Kathu for the perfect conference venue, or look at other areas in the Northern Cape. Other than the Kathu accommodation options, there are conference venues in Pofadder, Clanwilliam and Kuruman. Each one offers a professional conference venue for your next event, while also providing gorgeous scenery and fun activities for the guests. Below are just some of the more unique conference venues in the Northern Cape that you can choose from.


Kathu Inn

Kathu is known as the “town under the trees” because of the camel thorn trees that are found there. And it lives up to its name. Kathu Inn offers comfortable, luxurious self-catering units for delegates to stay in, as well as a variety of conference features.

The conference venue can hold up to 12 delegates, making it ideal for smaller conferences within your own company. The management can make special arrangements for you if you need space for more guests. The catering will be handled by the highly talented in-house staff at the restaurant complex. You can help them to craft a menu that is perfect for all of your guests, ranging from halaal meals to Banting options. The inn also offers a gorgeous pool to relax in as well as being in close proximity to the Kathu Village Mall.


Pofadder Inn

Pofadder is a small town in the Northern Cape, but despite its size, it is a fabulous destination While it is arid and rugged, it still offers gorgeous scenery and an escape from the business of city life. And the Pofadder Inn is the perfect location for a Northern Cape conference.

The conference venue has modern and up-to-date audio and visual facilities which allow you to make perfect presentations. It can accommodate up to 30 delegates, ideal for conferences for two companies or for workshops. The restaurant offers delicious steak-house-style cuisine, and all dietary needs can be discussed with the chef and management. The venue overlooks a beautiful dam and there is also a swimming pool on the grounds for when guests need to relax and unwind.


Clanwilliam Hotel

With the project to improve the Clanwilliam Dam well underway, this is the perfect opportunity to stay at the Clanwilliam Hotel for your conference or workshop. This way, you can hold workshops and have talks while watching the progress of the dam in your spare time. The conference venue at this hotel can host up to 50 delegates, perfect for larger groups.

For catering needs, the Leipoldt Restaurant and Bar will provide a sumptuous spread. With a range of international and traditional dishes on offer, even the pickiest of eaters at your conference will be satisfied. You can discuss different dietary restrictions with the staff to craft the perfect menu for everyone involved. There is also free WiFi offered to conference guests, making it easy for your delegates to access important emails and websites.


Springbok Inn

Springbok is in the heart of Namaqualand, making it one of the most scenic destinations for your conference. And the Springbok Inn is ideally located as it lies in the middle of Namaqualand, giving you easy access to the attractions in and around the town. The conference venue can hold up to 150 guests and is equipped with modern audio and visual equipment.

During the breaks in your conference, your guests can spend time on the deck soaking up the scenery. There is also a beautifully kept pool available as well as a restaurant that offers delicious food. You can talk to the management about any food allergies or dietary requirements that your guests might have. If your conference is set to take place in July or August, you will be lucky enough to be right at the heart of the wildflower display, making for a truly unique experience.


Conferencing can be cool

A conference does not have to be a dull affair. If you are looking for a truly unique destination, the Northern Cape is ideal. You can choose from the beautifully arid Kathu for truly different scenery, opt for Pofadder for the quirky surrounds or choose the ever-popular Clanwilliam for a central location. Or if you want to see the natural splendour of Namaqualand, choose Springbok as your conference destination.

conference destinations - Northern Cape